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It all starts with you. And a solid plan

We’ve created the perfect journey of discovery, analysis and implementation for new clients coming into the onsomble fold.

Package Diagnosis Stage Illustration

Stage 1: Diagnosis

Delve and Discover

This diagnostic process will help us – and you – gain clarity on your business pain points and opportunities. Gain a deep understanding of the support you need to achieve your goals now and into your next phase of growth.

2 hour consultation.

Package Planning Stage Illustration

Stage 2: Planning

Setting a path to your north star

Here, we take the learnings from the diagnosis stage and customise a program of support to meet your business needs, remove the pain and plan for growth. We curate a program of support specifically for your business, covering all of the function areas your business needs to reach the next level.

You’ll receive a report outlining key recommendations.

Package Implementation Stage Illustration

Stage 3: Implementation

In the trenches

This is where we dig in with you to get the job done. Selecting from our broad range of service options, and headed by a senior onsomble business manager, your customised plan will be brought to life to create real impact for your business and your life.

Delivered via projects, and/or 12, 24 or 36-month service contracts.

Package Review Stage Illustration

Stage 4: Review

Reflect and re-calibrate

Key to the success of any plan is a process of review. After the initial phase of implementation is complete, we sit down with you to review progress to date, re-visit your goals and ensure the plan for the next phase is set.

2 hour consultation.

Create the perfect package of solutions

With our range of service options, you can opt in just long enough to achieve a specific goal, or settle in and let us create your own custom package of ongoing support. The choice is yours.

Strategy development

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Effective planning is fundamental to the success of your organisation. This package will help you to determine where you’re going and how to get there.

The package includes:

  • Initial consultation to establish the current status and desired outcomes from the process.
  • Pre-strategy session survey of key stakeholders and information gathering.
  • Facilitation of a strategy session.
  • Development of a strategy document including:
    • Your mission, vision, values
    • Your elevator pitch
    • 12-month objectives and key results measures
    • List of key activities for the 12-months ahead
  • 6-month check-in
  • 12-month check-in
Chat with us to get the ball rolling on your best year yet.

Process Development

‘We are what we repeatedly do’, said Aristotle. ‘Excellence then is not an act, but a habit’. The single best way to build trust with your members or customers is through consistency. Development of consistent processes delivering consistent results is imperative to success.

The package includes:

  • Initial consultation to determine process pain points in your organisation.
  • Development of clear processes for your key business functions.
  • Documentation of process flows for each function, including a review with key stakeholders.
  • Communication / implementation session with your team.
Chat with us to see how we can streamline your operations and help you achieve outstanding customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

Revenue and Growth

The real value in growing revenue and profit is in the freedom it buys you to do more for your members and customers, and yourself. Even NFPs need profit. If you’re stuck in a loop of not having enough funds to create real value for your customers, but can’t get more customers until you add more value, we can help.

The package includes:

  • Initial consultation to understand the current revenue model and desired outcomes.
  • Researching your market to gather information on revenue and growth opportunities.
  • Development of a 12-month revenue and growth strategy, including activity plan and outline of resources required for implementation.
  • Presentation of plan.
Chat with us to see how we can help you grow and thrive.

A-la-carte Package

Delve into a long-term partnership with onsomble to get the ultimate support and outcomes for your organisation. Based on our diagnostic process, we build a custom package of services specifically designed to help you grow and thrive.

  • Senior Management Support

  • Team Support

Custom Creations

Don’t see what you need here?
Talk to us about customising services to suit your specific needs.

On behalf of the Executive, I want to thank you for the stellar work you have done. You have shown focus, efficiency and professionalism and most importantly, outcomes with many initiatives delivered from beginning to end with no mucking around.

Melanie Marks, Former President

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