Have you got the New Year FIRE (or fear)?

What are you looking forward to this year?  For a lot of you, this might be the first week back at work for 2023.  How does that feel for you? 

If it’s not at least 50% excitement, it is probably time to pause and ask yourself why.  Is the thought of ‘more of the same’ leaving you flat?  Does it seem like the troubles you left at the door pre-break are blocking your way and demanding to come along into the new year with you?  Can you feel yourself stepping back into old patterns that just don’t serve you well?

If I’ve just summed up your current mood, read on, because here’s MY #1 TIP to help you get excited about the year ahead……


Yeah ok, that doesn’t sound hugely fun.  But it can be, trust me.  All you need to do to make it so is to start the process by doing a spot of DAYDREAMING. What does your best life look like?  No limits here, just draw yourself a picture of what ideal looks like for you personally and professionally.

In your business, think about who you would ideally serve, how many clients would be optimal, and how you would serve them?  What would you stop doing if you could, what would you start doing, and what would you do more of?

This is the fun bit, where you let your imagination loose.  And from this place of possibility, you start planning.

One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself in business (and life) is ‘WHAT WOULD I DO IF I KNEW I COULDN’T FAIL?’.

Such a liberating question and one that gives a deep insight into what you really want.  As a business owner, remember that you get to do it your way.  You decide, and you are allowed to set about creating the business that you’re truly excited by.

Harness the new year energy, do the thinking and then do the planning.  And if you need help…

..we gotcha!
At onsomble, we offer a broad range of support options for small business owners like you.  Strategy development, planning, special projects, outsourced admin and our unique Business Brains-trust Sessions – especially for those moments when you just need to bounce ideas off someone who gets it!  Book a chat with us get excited about your 2023!

Keep thinking big,


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